Referrals. How are visits arranged?

 We welcome referrals made through a solicitor, CAFCASS officer, family mediator or social worker. Professionals are requested to complete a Referral Form in full and then return this to the centre through secure email or by post. Please contact the centre to request the referral form.

We also accept direct self-referrals from parents or other appropriate adults.To make a self referral please phone or email the centre giving your contact details. We will then contact you to discuss your referral.

If the referral is accepted then both parents are required to attend a separate Preliminary Interview before any contact can commence so we can agree how the contact may look and ensure it is safe for all concerned.

The voice of the child is the most important and we need to meet them at the interview before we can commence contact

The referral form can be downloaded by clicking below:

Referral Form for Supported Contact (pdf)

Referral Form for Supported Contact (MS Word)