How are we organised?

When divorced or separated parents have difficulty in communicating well, Child Contact Centres provide a safe neutral place for children to meet the mother or father who no longer lives at home with them. We won’t take sides. We simply operate in the best interests of your child.

The Centre is equipped with your child in mind, providing toys, games and facilities that reflect the diverse needs of children affected by family breakdown.

Westwood House Child Contact Centre is run each week by a team of trained volunteers managed by a designated Team Leader. There is a Centre Coordinator who is responsible for the overall running of the centre.

Westwood House Child Contact Centre offers supported contact for separated parents and their children. This means that it is suitable for families where no significant risk to the child or those around the child have been identified.

It is open every Saturday 09.00am – 12.45pm.

It is run entirely by volunteers.

What are our facilities?

Westwood House has two warm and comfortable rooms with toys, games, art and craft materials plus books available for all ages. There is a kitchen with seated area where refreshments are available. It also has a large safe garden with a lawn, swings and climbing frame for families to spend time outside.

There is a toilet with facilities for younger children, baby change and disabled use.

Here a visiting parent and their child(ren) can enjoy each other's company on neutral ground.

A separate room is available for visiting parents who cannot or do not wish to meet during contact. This is also used for confidential interviews.

The most important people in the Centre are the children and we hope that they have good memories and feelings about there visit here. We want them to enjoy their time with us and have happy memories of rebuidling their relationship with their absent parent. Our aim is to work with both parents so your child will move on from the centre to have a long lasting, positive and loving relationship with both parents.


The basic elements of our service are :

  • Impartiality
  • Staff and volunteers are available for assistance but there is no close observation, monitoring or evaluation of individual contacts/conversation.
  • Encouragement for families to develop mutual trust.
  • No detailed reports made unless we identify a Safeguarding concern during contact.

Although there needs to be at least one parent with your child at all times while at the Centre, volunteers can deal with the hand over of your child so you do not have to meet your ex-partner if you do not wish to.

How much does it cost?

Centre Charges-Westwood House Child Contact Centre has never charged for contact sessions or referrals, since our centre opened in 1999, and has no immediate plans to implement any charges. While our centre receives independent annual funding, this is not guaranteed and we are not immune to the current rise in inflation rates. We ask that parents give consideration to making a minimum voluntary donation of £10 when referring for contact and £5 when meeting with your child for contact on Saturday mornings to help us secure our finances and continue to offer support for children to see their other parent. We understand that many people may have financial constraints so attendance for contact with us is not subject to any payment. We thank you in advance for any contribution you can make.

 NACCC Accreditation

The Westwood House Child Contact Centre is based in Congleton East Cheshire. The centre is an accredited member of the National Association of Child Contact Centres. Go to for more information.