Welcome to the
Westwood Child Contact Centre Website

What is Westwood House Child Contact Centre?

It is a neutral meeting place where children of separated families may enjoy contact with one or both parents, and sometimes with other family members, in a comfortable and safe environment when there is not a viable alternative.

When do we open?

We are open every Saturday morning from 9.am to 12.40pm though attendance is strictly by appointment only.

How are we organised?

When divorced or separated parents have difficulty in communicating well, Child Contact Centres provide a safe neutral place for children to meet the mother or father who no longer lives at home with them. We won’t take sides. We simply operate in the best interests of your child.

The Centre is equipped with your child in mind, providing toys, games and facilities that reflect the diverse needs of children affected by family breakdown.

Westwood House Child Contact Centre is run each week by a team of trained volunteers managed by a designated Team Leader. There is a Centre Coordinator who is responsible for the overall running of the centre.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for referring to Westwood House Child Contact Centre or attending contact sessions with us. We do encourage voluntary donations to support our running costs, but you will not be asked for any payment. Should you wish to make a voluntary donation please speak to the coordinator.

How can I use the contact centre?

Please click here for the referrals page.